11 June 2009

Corunna Barracks 1970 to 1994 - updated 14 May 10

Previously Fort Beausejour 1957 to 1970
Epsom Barracks 1945 to 1957 formally Seydlitz Kaserne

HQRE 4 Division Wentworth Barracks Herford
26 Engineer Regiment moves from Allenbroke Barracks Paderborn to Corunna Barracks November 70
5 Field Squadron – 25 Field Squadron – 2 Armoured Engineer Squadron from 32 Armoured Engineer Regiment Haig Barracks Hohne under command HQRE 4 Division

Apr 71 to Jul 71 – 5 Field Squadron
Long Kesh Northern Ireland under command 21 Engr Regt infantry role

Nov 72 to Mar 73 – 25 Field Squadron
East Belfast Northern Ireland under command 35 Engr Regt infantry role

Mar 73 to Jul 73 – 5 Field Squadron
Ballykelly/Long Kesh Northern Ireland engineer role

Jul 74 to Nov 74 – 5 and 25 Field Squadron
Londonderry Northern Ireland infantry role

Jul 76 to Oct 76 – 25 Field Squadron
Ballykelly Northern Ireland engineer role

Sep 76 to Dec 76 – 2 Armd Engr Sqn
Londonderry Northern Ireland under command 21 Engr Regt infantry role

Apr 77 – 2 Armoured Engineer Squadron renamed 2 Field Support Squadron and joins 26 Engineer Regiment

Sep 77 – 30 Field Squadron moves from 32 Armoured Engineer Regiment Haig Barracks Hohne on disbandment

HQRE 3 Division San Sebastian Barracks Soest
26 Engineer Regiment renamed 3 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment January 1978
5 Field Squadron – 25 Field Squadron – 30 Field Squadron – 2 Field Support Squadron

Jul 78 to Nov 78 – Regiment less 25 Field Squadron to Northern Ireland infantry role

5 Field Squadron – Kitchen Hill Factory Lurgan
2 Field Support Squadron – Long Kesh and Slieve Croob

30 Field Squadron – Mahon Road Camp Portadown
During October 9 section was attached to 42 Cdo Gp Bessbrook South Armagh and located with Sp Coy 2 LI in Newry

Jun 79 to Oct 79 – 25 Field Squadron in Ballykelly Northern Ireland engineer role

Jan 81 – 3 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment renamed 26 Engineer Regiment

5 Field Squadron – 25 Field Squadron – 30 Field Squadron – 2 Field Support Squadron

Jan 84 – 25 Field Squadron moves to 23 Engineer Regiment Roberts Barracks Osnabrück

Mar 86 – 25 Field Squadron back to Iserlohn from 23 Engineer Regiment Roberts Barracks Osnabrück

Mar 89 – General Support Regiment to 3 Armoured Division

Jan 92 - 30 Field Squadron disbanded

Nov 92 to Jun 93 – 25 Field Squadron in Belize

May 93 – 5 Field Squadron moves to 22 Engineer Regiment Tidworth

May 94 – Disbandment of the Regiment where did 25 Field Squadron go?

Sep 94 – 2 Field Support Squadron moves to 32 Engineer Regiment Campbell Barracks Hohne as 2 HQ Squadron

Thanks to the MOD Royal Engineers website for the following history of 26 Engineer Regiment

"The origins of the Regiment go back to December 1950 when 26 Field Engineer Regiment first formed up under Lieutenant Colonel W H Aylwin to support 11 Armoured Division. The regimental system was new to the Corps and came about as the Army reverted from its wartime establishment into a peacetime force. The squadrons that moved to the barracks in Hameln were 7 Field Squadron which transferred from 21 Field Engineer Regiment in Holzminden, 29 Field Squadron which had previously been an independent squadron and transferred from its barracks in Berlin, and the newly reformed 60 Field Squadron. 43 Field Park Squadron became an independent squadron in 1954 but remained in Hameln under local command.

In April 1956, 11 Armoured Division became 4 Armoured Division, still with 26 Field Engineer Regiment supporting it. However, the regimental system did not last long and six years after its inception, the Regiment was disbanded in November 1957. 29 Field Squadron remained in support of 4 Division, 7 Field Squadron and 43 Independent Field Park Squadron transferred to 4 and 2 Divisions respectively, and 60 Field Squadron was disbanded. Although the regimental system was not natural to the Corps and its removal had little effect on squadron identities, histories or combat effectiveness, it was missed as it provided the basis for social functions and sports. Before the system sappers had never had their own messes and were too small to be able to field decent sports teams.

On 1 April 1969 26 Engineer Regiment was reformed. The Regiment had existed under the name of 4th Divisional Engineers since 1960 and contained 5 and 25 Field Squadrons. The new Regiment formed up under Lieutenant Colonel JP Groom MBE in Sennelager. A year later in November 1970 the regiment moved to its new home in Iserlohn where it would stay for the next 24 years.

By 1971 following the beginning of the troubles in Northern Ireland in 1969 the infantry were becoming overstretched. To solve this problem for the next eight years other arms deployed to the province for four months tours in the infantry role. The first of these was 21 Engineer Regiment, bolstered by 5 Field Squadron from 26 Engineer Regiment. 25 Field Squadron was next to follow, attached to 35 Engineer Regiment from November 1972 to March 1973 and again from July to October 1976. 26 Engineer Regiment took the lead on Operation BANNER in July to November 1974 patrolling the streets of Londonderry.

In April 1977 2 Armoured Engineer Squadron was redesignated 2 Field Support Squadron and joined the Regiment. This was the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and the review of 4 Division in Sennelager. The Regiment took the lead in preparing the ground for this. 25,000 spectators watched over 600 vehicles and a massed band of 800 musicians march past with the Division’s helicopters flying overhead. The preparations lasted five months and included support from almost every engineer support unit in Germany. The task included the laying of 242 rolls of trackway producing over 7.1 km of track.

In September of the same year 30 Field Squadron transferred from 32 Engineer Regiment in Hohne to join the Regiment. This meant that the three squadrons that had fought in the Zulu War, 2, 5 and 30 Squadrons, were brought together in one regiment, of note is the fact that Lt John Chard was a Sapper Officer from 5 Field Squadron.

Under a new shake-up of the Corps’ naming, the Regiment was redesignated 3 Armoured Division Engineer Regiment in January 1978. This was solely a renaming, and the Regimental organisation and make up remained unchanged. On 1 January 1981, the Regiment reverted back to being called 26 Engineer Regiment.

During this period the Regiment took its final tour of Northern Ireland in the infantry role from July to November 1978.

In January 1984 25 Field Squadron briefly left the Regiment for 23 Engineer Regiment in Osnabrück, before rejoining in March 1986.

In July 1987 after 17 years in Iserlohn, the Regiment was given the Freedom of the City. The ceremony also marked the 750th anniversary of the town. The Chief Royal Engineer, General Sir Hugh Beech, received a scroll granting the freedom from the Burgermeister, Herr Fritz Fischer, on behalf of the Corps and the Army. The Corps band played a concert in the centre of town; accompanied by a beer stall and then the Regiment exercised their new right by marching through the town with bayonets fixed and the band playing.

The Regiment was redesignated in March 1989 as General Engineer Support Regiment to 3 Armoured Division.

In May 1994 this Regiment was disbanded, less 2 Field Support Squadron which transferred to 32 Engineer Regiment."

Commanding Officers
1970 Lt Col MNJ Withall - 1972 Lt Col JRM Hill - Dec 74 Lt Col DHA Swinburn - Jul 77 Lt Col WRC Timpson - Jan 78 Lt Col WIC Dobbie - May 80 Lt Col DA Grove…can you help further?
Regimental Sergeant Majors…can you help?

Officers Commanding
5 Field Squadron
Nov 69 Maj GEC Wollatt - Dec 71 Maj JK Chater - 1973 Maj JW Ray - 1975 Maj D Judson - Jan 78 Maj JM Lucken - Jan 80 Maj DR Humphrey - Feb 82 Maj AT Brett - Apr 84 Maj PC Cooper - Feb 86 Maj MC McCabe - Jan 88 Maj AE Whitely - Jan 89 Maj SF Sherry - 1993 Maj PJ Francis
Squadron Sergeant Majors
1973 WOII Broadbent…can you help further?

Officers Commanding
25 Field Squadron
Apr 69 Maj E Le Wall - Jul 71 Maj LFH Busk - 1973 Maj RH Aylmore - 1975 Maj MH Lipscombe
Jan 77 Maj PJP Daniell - Apr 79 Maj RA Oliver - Mar 81 Maj KJ Drewienkiewicz - Feb 83 Maj BA Watts - Feb 85 Maj R Watt - Jan 88 Maj RCJ Woollven - Jan 90 Maj G Taylor - 1993 Maj AD Harking
Squadron Sergeant Majors…can you help?

Officers Commanding
30 Field Squadron
1976 Maj PC Terry - Apr 78 Maj AFS Baines - Feb 80 Maj JWG Rogers - Feb 82 Maj RJ Little
Feb 84 Maj PJ Enzer - Feb 86 Maj JA Pinel - Jan 88 Maj RW Killick - Jan 90 Maj JJ Hignett
Squadron Sergeant Majors
1977-78 WOII N Bridgett…can you help further?

Officers Commanding
2 Armoured Engineer Squadron later Field Support Squadron
1968 Maj JJ Stibbon - Dec 70 Maj S Jardine - Jan 73 Maj WM Crawshaw - 1975 Maj AJ Wright
Mar 77 Maj RA Bradbury - Mar 79 Maj LA Bearder - Apr 81 Maj WM Foster - Feb 83 Maj MWM Warren - Oct 84 Maj CB Chadwick - Dec 86 Maj RMP Winfield - Dec 88 Maj IS Cobley…1993 Maj GR Holland
Squadron Sergeant Majors…can you help?


  1. Can you tell me please was royal engineers in gch Belfast late 77. Thank 6

  2. Can you tell me please was royal engineers in gch Belfast late 77. Thank 6

  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have a photo of a vehicle I own. I own a Ferret Mk 1/2 that was assigned to the 25th Field Squadron for most of its military career. If you don know of any or any photos of vehicles in the 25th Fld Sqd. RE I would be interested in those as well. Thanks!
    Paul Castles, Texas