16 June 2009

Epsom Barracks - 1945 to 1957 updated 10 Jan 13

Formally Seydlitz Kaserne

Apr 47 to Late 47  1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own) from Rendsburg command Schleswig-Holstein Sub Area moved to UK

2nd Infantry Division Recce

Apr 48 to Jul 53 – 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales Own) from Kiel command Schleswig-Holstein Sub Area – moved to Tidworth UK
HRH The Duke of Gloucester inspected the Regiment on 18th May 1950

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Jul 53 to Sep 57 – 3rd King’s Own Hussars – moved to Münster still 2nd Infantry Division Recce

Thanks to Alan Crosskill

"Epsom Barracks, originally constructed for Hitler’s army, were luxurious after the spartan conditions at Catterick, with each Squadron occupying its own three storey accommodation block, with central heating and double glazed windows. Iserlohn was a small and picturesque medieval town located some twenty miles south of Dortmund. The town centre consisted of cobbled streets and attractive buildings, mostly half-timbered with walls painted in pastel shades, some with external artwork and decoration. It appeared to have suffered little during the war. It seems incredible today that a convoy of 48 tanks, each of fifty-two tons, together with many three ton trucks, were allowed to drive through the town, it does not bear thinking about. But in 1955 the war had only been ended for ten years and although the British army was no longer one of occupation that mentality still existed. As our barracks was on one side of the town and the railway station the other, clearly any thoughts of alternative routes did not arise. Also should the driver of a Centurion accidentally clip a lamp post or similar, it was simply a matter of a compensation claim."
In 1957 Epsom Barracks was taken over by the Canadian Army and re-named Fort Beausejour

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