14 June 2009

Aldershot Barracks - 1964 to 1968 updated 16 Sep 10

4th Guards Brigade Group HQ – 4th Division
May 64 – 4th Guards Brigade HQ & Signal Squadron (204)

May 64 – 4th Guards Brigade Provost Company RMP

From Llanelly Barracks Hubblerath moved to York Barracks Münster with the Brigade HQ March 1968

Help required with minor units

May 64 – 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards – moved to London for Royal Duties Jan 66
Apr 65 to Oct 65 to Cyprus UN tour based at Polemedhia Camp in Limassol

Jan 66 – 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards – moved to Buller Barracks Münster Mar 68

Jul 64 – 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards – moved to London for Royal Duties Feb 67
Aug 65 to Sep 65 exercise in Libya then Sep 65 to Apr 66 to Radfan Camp Aden

Thanks to 'Crusader' Army Rumour Service Website

"Absolute fact. If there are any crusty old 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards veterans here, they will remember that it happened in Aldershot Barracks, Iserlohn in the winter of 1966/67. The barrack square was at the top of the camp and had a slightly raised approach to it. A crack appeared over several days (or weeks), running the width of the square where it was joined by the approach road. One evening, the prowler guard failed to return to the guardroom at the end of his stag, and a patrol was sent out to locate him. After some time, they heard a faint sound of someone calling for help and, following the voice, found that the crack in the road had opened up and the prowler had fallen into it, and was now about fifteen feet below in a large dark hole.Ladders and lights were brought at which time it was discovered that the square was actually the roof of an underground tank-park with a large steel door and it had all been covered in tarmac or concrete. The weight of the concrete had collapsed the rusted door thereby forming the crack, which eventually gave way. There are many other "interesting" tales about that place, but for another time, maybe. By the way...."No" I was not the prowler"
Feb 67 – 2nd Battalion Scots Guards – moved to Waterloo Barracks Münster Mar 68

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